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Private Physical Therapy

If you are looking for the most one-on-one and focused therapy and body work available, this is perfect!  Often when patients are seen in a busy clinic with insurance contracts, the providers are so busy with paperwork and other insurance-based activities that they do not have the time to really get down to the source of the problem or to give the patient a very specific treatment plan.  Dr. Lisa Wilcox takes the time to really listen to her patients in order to determine the true source of their pain and/or dysfunction.  Dr. Wilcox feels that there are many techniques that can yield incredible results, but they take much more time than is allowed in a normal insurance-based system.  Patients have much more effective results if they are able to complete 30-60 minutes of direct one-on-one care with the physical therapist rather than being shuffled around and only worked on for 5-10 minutes.  That is why she has opened Solstice Physical Therapy - so that she can provide optimal care that is completely focused on the patient and not defined by insurance parameters.

The following services are available:
*Dry Needling

*Myofascial Release

*Manual Therapy - soft tissue and joint mobilization/manipulation
*Customized therapeutic exercise programs
*And More!