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Private Physical Therapy

If you are looking for the most one-on-one and focused therapy and body work available, this is perfect!  Often when patients are seen in a busy clinic with insurance contracts, the providers are so busy with paperwork and other insurance-based activities that they do not have the time to really get down to the source of the problem or to give the patient a very specific treatment plan.  Dr. Lisa Wilcox and Dr. Marin Campbell take the time to really listen to their patients in order to determine the true source of their pain and/or dysfunction and then utilize specialized treatment techniques and educate their patients to get the best results possible.  Their patients have much more effective results due to the direct one-on-one care with the physical therapist for full 1 to 2 hour treatment sessions.  Also, as there are no restrictions from the insurance company, they are able to evaluate and treat their patients in a very holistic manner and treat the entire body, rather than just one particular area.  They have realized that the source of pain is most often not at the same area that the patient is feeling pain and their ability to treat whatever area is most needed is what sets them apart.  That is why Dr. Lisa opened Solstice Physical Therapy - so that they can provide optimal care that is completely focused on the patient and not defined by insurance parameters.

The following services are available:
*Dry Needling

*Myofascial Release

*Manual Therapy - soft tissue and joint mobilization/manipulation
*Customized therapeutic exercise programs

*Custom bike fitting
*And More!

Dr. Lisa Wilcox                   Phone: (720) 369-7738                   Email: