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Dry Needling and Manual Therapy

Trigger point dry needling is performed using very small acupuncture needles to stimulate nerve and muscle fibers.  Lisa utilizes this technique to decrease muscle tightness and spasm, improve blood flow, decrease swelling and pain and promote healing.  This technique is incredibly effective for many muscular pains and strains and for reducing pain.  The body responds to dry needling by increasing blood flow to the area, which helps restart the healing process in a chronic condition or improve the current healing process in an acute condition.  Lisa utilizes a gentle technique and most patients report immediate improvement and minimal soreness.  Dry needling is just one component of a treatment session.  Please contact Lisa to determine if you are a good candidate for dry needling treatment.


Lisa also utilizes techniques that are considered "manual therapy" - hands-on mobilization to joints, muscles and soft tissues.  These techniques are very helpful and can treat conditions that are difficult to improve with just exercise alone.  She utilizes a form of manual therapy on almost all of her patients and finds that it is extremely effective when used in conjunction with dry needling.  

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