Online booking is here!!


Do you know what this link is for???  It’s for my new online booking system!  I’ve been trying it out for the last few weeks and it has been working so well.  The best part of it is that my patients now have complete control of their appointments – if they wake up at 4am and think “hmmmmm…..I really feel like I could use some PT today, but I can’t call until 8am and I’ll already be at work, darn it!“  I’m sure that is exactly how most people think, right?  They can book, change their appointment, or cancel if needed, all on their own time and at whatever time!

My favorite part of online booking is the email reminders.  We all need a little help sometimes with our crazy schedules, so having electronic confirmations and reminders can be soooooo helpful!

If you want to try a completely different kind of Physical Therapy, go to the link above or go to and book today!