Solstice Physical THerapy


Pain Managment

Solstice Physical Therapists are experts in treating pain with nonpharmacologic therapy and nonopioid means. This is because we treat the root cause of your pain, and not mask the symptoms. Studies show that seeking care from a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) before a medical doctor (MD) for many conditions can result in decreased cost, time, pain, and improved quality of life without the use of opioids or surgery.

We pride ourselves on getting you back to feeling better faster, with a wide variety of therapeutic interventions.

Chronic Conditions

Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitation health that uses exercise and holistic modalities to help people regain or improve their physical abilities. At Solstice Physical Therapy, our unique skill set and inclusive approach to assessment and treatment provides patients with results they have not been able to find elsewhere. A large majority of our patients find us through word-of-mouth referral after becoming disappointed with the traditional medical model. Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Marin are accomplished in restoring pain-free movement and improved functions in those who have exhausted Western medicine’s approach to their chronic condition.


Evidence Based Practice

The practice of evidence-based physical therapy means integrating relevant, high-quality clinical-research with a patients' personal preferences, and the therapists skills. As doctors of physical therapy, Solstice physical therapists are trained to recognize high-quality research from poorly structured or biased studies. This knowledge means choosing treatments that are effective and science-based to reach your goals in fewer sessions.

Evidence-based practice also means your therapist will educated you exactly why the treatment is working, and this can help with improved compliance. If you understand why your interventions or exercise are working, you are more likely to perform them.