Get back to living your best life!

When other treatments haven’t helped your pain or if you want great results the first time

see us for specialized physical therapy that finds and treats the source - not just the symptoms.

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Your path to less pain

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  • Tell us your story

  • Full body evaluation

  • Education about our findings and plan

  • Initial hands-on treatment

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  • Hands-on therapies tailored to you

  • Customized home exercise program

  • Education for ways to improve your daily life

  • Feedback encouraged in order to improve your experience

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Meet your goals

  • Get back to your favorite activities

  • Continue home exercise program to keep improving on your own

  • Maintenance visits as needed

  • Live your best life!

You are too young to be limited for the rest of your life, let us help you to get rid of the pain and live the life that you deserve!

Whether you are suffering from an injury or just want to reduce joint pain, improve your range of motion or posture, you should see Lisa. She is a physical therapy “detective” who will get to the root causes of your concern and make a positive difference in your life. It is the best gift you could give yourself or loved one.
— Charlie L.
Solstice Physical Therapy is not your average PT place. Lisa Wilcox is a genius. She was truly meant to be a PT and offers methods that truly work. I have been in immense pain, and in one session I am able to leave with significant improvement. She really is a miracle worker. She is very knowledgeable, passionate, and genuine. You will not regret it- go see her!
— Brook D.
Dr. Wilcox & Dr. Campbell are extraordinary practitioners- massively skilled! They have helped to move me through some serious physical issues that others were not able to solve. I feel so comfortable in their hands. I have been around the block, believe me, and this is who I refer my clients and friends to. If you are looking to make progress, make these women part of your team.
— Oakley O.

Specialized treatments Performed by Doctors of physical Therapy

Customized therapy Exercise Programs to fit your individual needs

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written by a doctor of physical therapy

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