Solstice Physical Therapy

Our Mission

To improve our patient’s lives and overall well-being by listening.

Listening to their story,

listening to their body

and treating each person as the amazing and unique individual that they are.

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Our Team

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Dr. Lisa Wilcox, PT, DPT, cert-DN

owner/doctor of physical therapy

Lisa Wilcox, PT, DPT was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. She received her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science in 2003 and then her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Montana, Missoula in 2006. After finishing school she moved to Colorado and worked in both corporate and private practice clinics for 7 years, until she realized that she wanted to provide a more personal and inclusive treatment that was not possible with network insurance. She provided contract services to clinics and private in-home therapy throughout the Denver Metro area since 2013 and started Solstice Physical Therapy in 2017. She loves working with all different types of diagnoses, but thrives on helping people with chronic pain or difficult to treat injuries to regain function and live their best lives! She utilizes different manual therapy techniques to supplement customized therapeutic exercise programs, functional training and patient education.  She is certified in Dry Needling and finds that this is a very helpful tool in treating patients with a variety of conditions.
Lisa is married to her wonderful husband Cory and they were blessed with their beautiful baby girl, Emma, in August of 2018.  They enjoy traveling, camping, spending time with friends and family, all of the Colorado outdoor activities, and getting back home to Alaska to visit family and go fishing and hiking. 

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Dr. Marin Campbell, PT, DPT, Cert-DN

doctor of physical therapy

Marin Campbell, PT, DPT was raised in a military family and fortunate to live in many places before receiving her bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia in 2001. After college, she moved out to Colorado where she worked in the ski and bike industries as well as coaching high school swimming. Marin's experiences as a coach, her own training as a competitive mountain biker, and her rehabilitation from shoulder surgery compelled her to return to school where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University in 2014. An accomplished mountain biker, she understands how to optimize performance through tailored training programs. However, she has also experienced the slow, methodical, and sometimes frustrating recoveries from shoulder and hip surgeries, and this feeds into her collaborative, holistic approach to treatment. Marin has worked with a diverse collection of patients in a variety of outpatient orthopedic settings including occupational medicine, hospital-based, and upper extremity clinics. Dry needling is an important part of her practice, and she is certified through the Integrative Dry Needling Institute. She also extensively employs the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach which fits nicely with her intuitive and holistic style. When she’s not working, you will find Marin mountain biking, skiing, hiking, cooking, or traveling.

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Do I need a doctor’s Rx to see you?

No, you don’t. Colorado is one of eighteen states in the USA granted unrestricted direct access for physical therapists. This means you do not need an MD order to see us. Simply schedule online or pick up the phone and call!

Do you take insurance?

Solstice Physical Therapy offers unparalleled customer service, longer treatment times, specialized techniques and quality care. We are not in-network with insurance providers but provide a cash-based discount to all of our patients. We will also provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement or payment toward your deductible. Some patients use this third-party site for reimbursement, click here.

Most often, our patients find that they have much faster improvement, which results in fewer treatments. They usually end up paying less than they would with co-payments at an in-network clinic.


What sets Solstice apart from other clinics?

Unlike other physical therapy clinics that treat up to twenty-five patients a day, per therapist, we pride ourselves on providing attentive one-on-one care to our patients for at least 60-minute sessions. Every Solstice patient gets the quality care they deserve, and because of more thorough examinations and treatments, we get patients better, faster. Our therapists have many years of experience and are highly trained in specialized manual therapy techniques and holistic evaluation and treatment, which provides an enhanced experience for our patients. Also, we don’t just treat the symptoms, we take the time to listen and then find and treat the source of the problem.

Does Dry Needling hurt?

Dry needling is one treatment we provide, among many. If your therapist determines that dry needling may benefit your condition, only then would you be a candidate. Dry needling can be slightly uncomfortable, and sore for 24-48 hours. However, the method of dry needling that Solstice employs is more gentle than the traditional trigger-point method, which means less soreness and often yields better results. Most patients contend that the long-term benefits of decreased pain or improved mobility far outweighs the initial discomfort.



Lisa provided great care and helped to resolve a chronic soft tissue injury taking just a few sessions. I was impressed with her knowledge and use of dry needling to address my pain. Lisa is a fantastic Physical Therapist with a great skill set. I’m happy to recommend her services for anyone looking to address their orthopedic needs.
— April
I saw Lisa for dry needling and myofascial release treatment for my legs while marathon training. After just 1 visit, she eliminated the muscle tightness and limited range of motion I was having both during and after my runs. Absolutely incredible! I will definitely be following up with her in the weeks leading up to my marathon to make sure my body is ready. I highly recommend seeing Lisa for any of your physical therapy needs, she is a very knowledgeable provider and has the skills to make you feel better with very little discomfort.
— Jessica
Lisa is amazing and does great work particularly in rehabbing from injuries. I should know, I have had my fair share of accidents and she always provides consistent feedback about progress and will offer the best advice and offer the best services for specific issues.
— Amy
After breaking my hip, I was fortunate to be assigned Marin as my PT. She is supportive and motivating while also being realistic; knowing when to tell me to back off a little. She is continually assessing my progress and making adjustments when necessary. She is proficient in needling and myofascial release. She also coordinated my therapy with my strength trainer and massage therapist so she was able to concentrate on alignment and mobility and provided excellent instruction for exercising at home. Marin knew my goals and I was able to keep my fly fishing trip to Hamilton, Montana and could fish without much difficulty.

I would recommend Marin to anyone as I have complete confidence in her knowledge and ability!
— Rita
Such a positive impact on my quality of life! Six months ago, I was rear-ended by a drunk driver. At 65 years of age with a cervical fusion from many years ago, I had been doing well before the collision. After the collision I was in pain with numbness and tingling in my right arm and back. Following an MRI, the neurosurgeon prescribed PT in an attempt to avoid surgery. As a result, I met Lisa for the first time. I was close to retirement and feeling very discouraged.

Lisa’s extensive training and experience enables her to not only treat the problem at her clinic, but also recommend simple home stretching and exercises specifically tailored to my situation. Each visit she listens to me, assesses my situation, and adjusts her treatment to build on the results to date. I have progressed from requiring nightly cervical traction for relief from constant pain and numbness to being traction-free, almost pain free, and more physically active.

Whether you are suffering from an injury or just want to reduce joint pain, improve your range of motion or posture, you should see Lisa. She is a physical therapy “detective” who will get to the root causes of your concern and make a positive difference in your life. It is the best gift you could give yourself or loved one.
— Charlie