I used to be a runner...

Running is the easiest form of cardiovascular activity that I know of – all you have to do is strap on a pair of shoes and walk out the door!  If you are running outside there are so many other great possible aspects – fresh air, sunshine, cleansing rain, different terrains, slopes and hills, friendly neighbors, exploring a new place while traveling, wildlife, the list goes on!  I’ve always run in the morning, so I was able to feel the fresh and cool morning air and usually catch a bit of the sunrise.  I’ve also loved to run when on vacation, because I was able to explore a new place on foot and I would see so much more than if I was in a car.  You’re not limited by roads – you can go through parks, cross through fields, run on trails in the mountains or by the creek and have the rushing water be your background music.  As you can tell, I LOVED running!

But my body did not.  

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