Not just PT...should it be called BodyWork?


I mobilize your tissue and joints but it’s not massage…I can manipulate joints but it’s not chiropractic…I use acupuncture needles but it’s totally different from acupuncture and it’s called Dry Needling…I am a specialist in muscle strength and flexibility imbalances and can give customized exercise programs but I’m not a personal trainer…In all of these things I have a very specialized education that dives so much deeper into all of the biomechanics, balance, posture, strength, range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility, nervous system, lymph system, vascular system, musculoskeletal system, integumentary system, fascial system…and so much more.  As a physical therapist I have the education to look past the symptoms and find the true source of the problem or pain.  My training also includes differential diagnosis, which means that I can determine if symptoms are caused by something that requires referral to other doctors and specialists.
I’ve got quite the conundrum….I am a physical therapist, my training is all considered to be a part of physical therapy, but most people (outside of the PT community) don’t associate myofascial release, cupping and some other techniques that I use with physical therapy.  I want to educate health and wellness consumers about the multiple different kinds of soft tissue, joint and fascial mobilization and manipulation, but I also know that most of the PT world don’t necessarily incorporate all of these techniques into their practice.  So what other word do I use to describe my services?

I’ve come up with the term “BodyWork,” but again – no one knows what that means.  Maybe it’ll at least make people curious enough to ask me about it, and then I’ll be able to educate and let people know that there are more physical therapy options out there than purely therapeutic exercise and 5-10 minutes of hands-on techniques (what I am seeing more and more in the Colorado in-network clinical setting).  In my practice, I get to spend an entire hour of completely uninterrupted time with my patients and am able to utilize all of the techniques that I’ve listed above, while constantly assessing the underlying issues and bringing the body back into balance.

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