Grand Opening


All I can say is THANK YOU!!!  Solstice Physical Therapy had the Grand-Opening this last Saturday and so many of my friends and family came to see the new space and support my new and exciting endeavor!  The gym that my office is located in is amazing and it seemed that everyone was impressed with the gym and my warm and comfortable office space.  The greatest thing about having an office in a gym is that I am able to utilize all of the equipment with my patients.  The gym – Adventure Fitness Athletic Club – is like no other gym that I have ever seen.  The amount of specialized equipment is astounding, so there is no end to my options when it comes to rehabilitation.  My office space is also perfect for the hands-on techniques that I specialize in.  My patients feel very comfortable, as it is a completely private treatment space and they are able to be themselves.  I hope that in the next months and years that I am able to spread the word about my office and the gym so that together we can change lives and improve people’s quality of life!!  Solstice PT office